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Healthcare Team Communication Tips
  • Prepare a list of questions and organize important information about the problem in advance
    • Possible side effects?
    • What changes or symptoms should I watch out for?
    • What tests will need to be done and what are they looking for?
    • How often do I need to receive treatment?
    • What are the risks?
    • Can you suggest resources where I can learn more about this treatment?
    • What else do I need to know?

  • Maintain a log of all healthcare including:
    • Names, contacts, phone numbers
    • Dates
    • Information received from the healthcare team
    • Experiences with treatment to recount to providers
    • Anything related to your treatment

  • Bring someone with you to any appointments

  • Be persistent and assertive – you are in charge of your care

  • Always ask for clarification if you are confused – never assume anything

  • Ask for important instructions in writing
Insurance Company Communication Tips
  • Communicate clearly and with confidence.
  • If a request has been denied, don’t give up. Be persistent. Ask to speak with a supervisor if you aren’t satisfied with the results of the conversation.
  • Know the benefits you are entitled to – this is your responsibility. Ask your representative to explain anything you don’t understand.
  • Keep a log of all communications including dates, times and names. Take notes during any communication.
  • If communication occurred over the phone, always follow up in writing. Include identify information as well as dates, time, names, and what you were told.
  • Follow the procedures for submitting claims, filing appeals or requesting prior authorization to avoid any delays.