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Grant Writing Resources

General Guides and Tips for Writing Grant Proposals:

Grant Writing Basics- PowerPoint put together by OCHLA staff with information from the Office of Criminal justice Services that covers the basic elements of a written funding proposal. This is the first in a series of PowerPoints dedicated toward this topic. Each will cover a different part of a well written proposal.

GrantProposal.com, A website dedicated toward providing free and valuable resources for grant writers of ranging experience levels. Includes tips on research, writing, and advice from funders themselves.

Guide for writing a funding proposal, Very detailed guide that includes great tips for specific components of a proposal, including: Title page, project overview, goals and objectives, clientele, evaluation methods, budgets, and more. Also includes suggestions and reviews for books on grant writing (Michigan State University).

Developing Goals & Objectives for a Grant Application:

SMART GOALS- A quick guide that explains some of the key characteristics of a well-written goal..

Writing Goals and Objectives that Move you Toward your Vision - An activity worksheet that challenges you to practice examples of "process objectives" or "outcome objectives".

Goals, Objectives & Outcomes - A worksheet that gives examples of goals, objectives, outcomes.

Crafting and Using Logic Models to Improve Your Applications:

Logic Models - PowerPoint put together by OCHLA staff with information from the Office of Criminal Justice Services. Covers the definition, purpose and benefits of logic models for program planning and grant writing. Includes examples and an activity to get started. Also includes links to more resources.

Project/Program Evaluation of a Grant Funded Program:

Designing an Effective Evaluation Strategy
- Powerpoint put together by OCHLA staff with information from the Office of Criminal Justice Services. Covers the definition and basic principles of evaluation with regards to a grant proposal. Also includes tips for creating and writing an effective evaluation strategy. Ideas for practice exercises are included.

Evaluation 101 - A comprehensive guide to the many aspects of the evaluation process.

Logic Model and Evaluation - A flowchart that details needs and asset assessment, as well as process and outcome evaluation.

Performance Measurement Facts - Eight facts on how proper performance measurement will aid in effective grant program evaluation.

Incorporating Evidence-Based Practices

Evidence-Based Practices - Overview, opportunities and challenges


This page will be frequently updated with information and resources. If you know of any resources for finding or applying for grants, please submit them to: OCHLA.OLAnet@ochla.state.oh.us. Thank you in advance!