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Legislative Updates

OCHLA’s Legislative Updates are intended to keep you apprised of legislative actions taken at the Statehouse.
Each update features proposed bills that are sure to affect Ohio’s Latino community.
Relevant news articles are included with the updates to give you further context.
If you would like to receive our Legislative Updates, please email andrea.lewis@ochla.state.oh.us.

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Legislative Update July 5, 2017
Featuring information on the following bills: 

  • HB 49 - Governor Kasich signs Biennial Budget
  • HB 27 - Governor signs Workers' Comp Budget

Legislative Update - May 30th, 2017
Featuring information on the following bills: 


  • HB 27 - To make changes to the Workers' Compensation Law to prohibit undocumented immigrants from receiving workers' compensation benefits if hurt on the job, to prohibit an employer from electing to cover an undocumented immigrant, etc.
  • SB 99 - To prohibit the Medicaid program from newly enrolling individuals as part of the expansion eligibility group. 
  • HB 138 - To require the Ohio Civil Rights Commission to establish a system for individuals to make anonymous complaints regarding employers discrimination in the payment of wages. 
  • HB 164 - To require commercial roofing contractors to have a license. 

Legislative Update - May 16th, 2017
Featuring information on the following bills: 

  • HB 179 - To require state and local authorities to cooperate with the federal government in the enforcement of immigration laws and to prohibit a local government that fails to do so from receiving certain state funds. 
  • HB 50 - To establish requirements for electronic benefit transfer cards issued under the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
  • SB 115 -  To require the registration of roofing contractors. 
  • HB 110 - To create a subprogram of the College Credit Plus Program that permits students to participate in certified apprenticeship programs. 


Legislative Update - April 10th, 2017
Featuring information on the following bills: 

  • HB 1 - To authorize the issuance of dating violence protection orders.
  • SB 11 - To designate March 31 as "Cesar E. Chavez Day" in Ohio.
  • HB 148 -  To require statewide registration of home improvement contractors, to create the Home Improvement Board, and to make an appropriation.
  • HB 60 - To authorize the issuance of driver's license, enhanced commercial driver's license, and enhanced identification card to facilitate land and sea border crossing between U.S., Canada, and Mexico, pursuant to an agreement with the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security.