Social Enterprise for Latinos

The goal of OCHLA's Social Enterprise initiative was to conduct a live webinar and workshop that concentrated on the growing Hispanic organizations in Ohio that want to explore possibilities with new funding streams and financial independence. Click here to learn more.
May 26th Webinar

On May 26th, 2015 OCHLA partnered with the Center For Social Development in order to broadcast a live webinar that laid out challenges facing nonprofits, limitations of fundraising, & ways that Social Enterprise can provide added revenues to support nonprofits' missions.

This webinar was broadcast via Google Hangout on OCHLA's Google Plus page, and can be viewed by visiting OCHLA's YouTube Channel.


June 11th Workshop

On June 11, 2015 OCHLA partnered with the Center for Social Enterprise Development in order to put on a workshop that helped Latino Serving Organizations to explore the possibilities for Social Enterprise.

This workshop provided several non-profit organizations with the opportunity to explore ways in which they could generate new revenue through launching ventures that relate to their mission.

Social Enterprise Resources

Below are organizations in the state of Ohio that assist entities 
in exploring and implementing Social Enterprise practices:

____________________________  ____________________________ 
 CSED, Central Ohio Flywheel, Cincinnati
____________________________  ____________________________ 
Sea Change, Cleveland   Sundown Rundown, Akron/Canton Columbus/New Albany/Mansfield
____________________________  ____________________________