2020 Census (El Censo 2020)

The 2020 Census is now available to complete online, via phone, or in hardcopy.  The link below will take you directly to the Census Bureau's Website to complete the 2020 Census Questionnaire: 

Complete the 2020 Census 

                                                                (In English)                                                                           (En español)


(Video in English (black outline on the left) about completing the 2020 Census provided by the U.S. Census Bureau. 

Video en español (con el marco en azul a la derecha) sobre como completar el Censo 2020.)


Announcement (Anuncio): U.S. Census Bureau Director temporarily suspends Field Operations for Census 2020  




Census Hotline

Image and information provided by NALEO.


Census 2020 Video

Census 2020 video provided by NALEO.

Census 2020 Video

Census 2020 video provided by NALEO.

El Censo 2020 Video

Video sobre el Censo 2020 por el U.S. Census Bureau.

Census in Ohio

Census Basics:


Census Confidentiality:

1. Confidentiality factsheet (English) 
2. Hoja informativa sobre confidencialidad (español)

Census Maps:

3. Hard-to-count populations and Ohio “ROAM” (Response Outreach Area Mapper) 

Census-related Reports:


Census Preview/ Vistazo del censo

The Census 2020 Format

(Full preview below: English p. 1-8, Spanish p. 9-16)

Vistazo del Censo

(haz clic para ver la versión en español)

Organizations & Spanish Resources

Organizations for Census information:

1. Census Bureau    

Census 2020 Resources (English):

1. Faith Leaders (PPT)
4. NALEO: Census Training, Module 1: Census 101
5. NALEO: Census Training, Module 2: Census Operations 2.0

El Censo 2020 Recursos (bilingűes & en español):

1. Census.gov: materiales en español 
4. Día del Niño (PDF)/ Children’s Day (PDF) 

Important Census Dates