Table of Contents

I. Insurance/Payment
– Types of insurance, possible payments

II. Advocacy
– What is it, when to use it

III. Necessary Documents For Treatment
– Medical history, insurance information, etc.

IV. Legal Considerations
– i.e. Power of attorney, living will, advance directives, etc.

V. Privacy Rights

VI. Communication Tips
– Healthcare team & Insurance company

VII. Monitoring Your Own Care
– What to be aware of, when to make changes

How To Navigate The U.S. Healthcare System


Welcome to OCHLA’s Minority Health Month 2017 initiative, use this guide and acquire the knowledge to navigate the health care terrain.

Table of Contents:  Use this section to identify the major topics. Equip yourself with an understanding of health care; terms, insurance types, payment types, and rights of the patient.
Resources: Information available from other organizations that were used to build this package of Information. Select the topic and navigate to the resource sites.

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