2019 Ohio Latino Education Summit| November 8th at Kent State University

This year's 2019 Ohio Latino Education Summit was held on Novemeber 8th at Kent State University. The theme was "Inspiring Resilience: Equity, Partnerships, and Quality Schools". Educators, Administrators and Policy Makers from around the state congregated to participate in a day focused on bettering the education of not only Latinos but all students.  Executive Director Lilly Cavanaugh stated "Today we aren't focused on what is broken, but focused on what is and what will be". After guests enjoyed their breakfast and took their seats, plenary 1 began. Germaine Pena and Yasin Cuevas from Esparanza, Inc. lead the first session, discussing the mission of Esparanza, Inc. and expressing the importance and impact a mentor can have and the success to which is can lead. They introduced Valentin Lugo, a member of Esparanza Inc. and the guests learned about this young man's journey and the figures that contributed to his success. Following this presentation, guests broke off to attend the first breakout session. The Commission's Public Policy Officer, Carly McCain, conducted a presentation on inspiring policy change for a better future. No session was the same, but they all offered diverse perspectives on an array of topics which inspired discussions on how to catalyze change for Latinos and the education community. At the La Cumbre Luncheon, Lilly Cavanaugh and Ohio's Superintendent of Public Instruction, Mr. Paolo DeMaria, awarded Pastor Luis Vizcarrondo as this year's Premio La Cumbre Award recipient. Keynote Speaker Mary Jean Gallagher gave an inspiring presentation about teaching diversity as a strength and encouraging us to celebrate and recognize diversity. In the afternoon, the second round of breakout sessions went underway. Commissioner Foulis and Victor Leandry lead the second plenary session and the last session of the 2019 Ohio Latino Education Summit. From start to finish this event was a success. The speakers and presentations were engaging and all were encouraged to take one or two little things that could be taken away and used to make a difference.

OLES Interview/ Latinx in the Media Discussion Panel



Plenary 1: Inspiring Hope- The Future of Education for Latinx Communities


Program Booklet


2019 Ohio Latino Education Summit Presentation
Inspiring Policy Change for a Better Future
Your Voice Matters: Understanding Government
Carly McCain


Plenary 1: Esparanza Inc. Presentation


Dealing with Trauma and Mental Health


Resilience, Equity and STEAM

Excellence, Equity, and Wellbeing, Making It Real

Breakout Block 1



La Cumbre Luncheon/ Keynote Speaker: Pastor Luis Vizcarrondo and Dr.Mary Jean Gallagher



Breakout Block 2



Plenary 2: Strengthening Our Community Through Critical Engagement