After-School All Stars
After-School All Stars
1743 West Lane Avenue 
Columbus, OH 43221 
Telephone: (614) 257-1678
Alliance Group: Education, Mentoring & Youth 
Type: Community Organization 
Region: Northeast, Northwest, Central 

Mission Statement:

After-School All-Stars (ASAS) provides comprehensive after-school programs that keep children safe and help them succeed in school and life.Our goal is to identify and fuel our student’s individual passions by tying their interests to tailored academic support, enrichment activities and sports. By creating lasting relationships with our students and incorporating service learning, we equip our All-Stars with the confidence and skills to become productive members of their community. After-School All-Stars gives its students a safe-haven during the “danger zone” hours of 3pm-6pm – the time of day when youth violence, drug use, and other delinquent behaviors are most likely to occur. We provide effective and thoughtful supports to fight against the high school drop-out and obesity crises and to ready our students for fulfilling careers in the modern workforce.

Description of Services:
ASAS launced a unique sports-based youth development program which connects sports activities to lessons on leadership, teamwork, resilience, discipline, nutrition, community service, gender equality and exposure to nature. ASAS also introduces students to professional athletes, caring coaches, and successful role models in the sports industry who teach students about goal-setting, public speaking, interview skills, career exploration, and financial management. ASAS also targets at-risk 8th graders and prepare them for high school and beyond. a financial literacy, career development and entrepreneurialism program created to help students learn to be self-sufficient adults, prepare them for the 21st century economy, and inspire long-term career planning. In another part of the program, students are taught how to budget, save, and spend wisely, as well as what it means to have credit. Investment and economic concepts are explored using virtual stock portfolios and board games.  On top of this students participate in service learning projects. 

OLAnet Admin Contact: 
First Name: Rosalba 
Last Name: Rodriguez 
Title: Director