Family Voices of Ohio
Family Voices of Ohio
Tel: (614) 
Fax: (614) 
Alliance Group: Education, Policy & Leadership 
Type: Community Organization
Region: ALL

Mission Statement:
Family Voices aims to achieve family-centered care for all children and youth with special health care needs and/or disabilities. Through this national network, Family Voices provides families tools to make informed decisions, advocates for improved public and private policies, builds partnerships among professionals and families, and serves as a trusted resource on health care. 

Description of Services:
Provide family to family information about accessing services and supports to assure optimum health for children with unique needs; assists families in navigating the healthcare system, both public and private; raises awareness of the community at large and policy makers  of the needs and the system gaps effecting children with special needs health care. 

OLANet Admin Contact: 
First Name: Patty 
Last Name: Dovell
Phone: (419) 946-9431