New Americans Initiative

1111 E. Broad Street, Rm 302 
Columbus, OH 43205 
Tel: (614) 645-1993 
Fax: (614) 645-1862 
Alliance Group: Policy & Leadership 
 Type: Governmental Agency 
Region: Central

Mission Statement:
The New American Initiative was created to give all immigrant and refugees living in Columbus access to city services and programs to help improve their lives. This initiative gives equal opportunity to all refugees and immigrants and allows them to become responsible, productive residents of Columbus.

Description of Services:

The services the Initiative provides include translation of printed materials, interpretation services signage for city facilities, education and training, and outreach.

It is the goal of this initiative to:

  1. Provide coordination of resources with the city, county, state and community
  2. Address the needs of our growing immigrant and refugee populations in a culturally sensitive manner.
  3. Maximize the impact of existing City of Columbus and Franklin County services and establish community 4. plan for peak performance service delivery.
  4. Work together to empower new arrivals towards self-sufficiency and transition our city in to a world community.
  5. Enhance and promote educational and social activities that foster greater appreciation for diverse cultures.



1. Persons with limited English proficiency (LEP), i.e. persons who cannot speak, read, write or understand the English language in a level that permits him/her an effective interaction with English speakers. 
2. Grass root level community based organizations and service providers


OLAnet Admin Contact
First Name: Guadalupe
Last Name: Velasquez
Title: Coordinator
Telephone: (614)645-1995