Ohio Department of Health

246 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43215 
Tel: (614) 466-3543
Email: OPA@odh.ohio.gov
Website: www.odh.ohio.gov
Alliance Group: Health & Safety 
Type: Governmental Agency 
Region: Central 

Mission Statement:
To protect and improve the health of all Ohioans. 

Description of Services:

*Health Care Provider Online Business Processing.

*Online Nursing Home Compare.

*Online Dialysis Facility Compare
*The Ohio Long-Term Care Consumer Guide 

Extensive directory of health programs/resources/information available: http://www.odh.ohio.gov/odhprograms/odhprograms.aspx

OLANet Admin Contact: 
First Name: Rebecca
Last Name: Maust
Title: Chief of Quality Assurance
Phone: (614) 466-7857
Email: OPA@odh.ohio.gov