Vocational Guidance Services
Vocational Guidance Services
1260 North High Street
Columbus, Ohio 43201
Tel: 614.291.0233
Fax: 614.437.9782
Email: info@vgsjob.org 
Website: http://www.vocationalguidanceservices.org/  
Alliance Group: Labor & Workforce Department 
Type: Foundation 
Region: Northeast, Northcentral, Central  

Mission Statement:
Preparing people with barriers to employment for a brighter future. 

Description of Services:
VGS' Social Enterprise Work Services provides paid "earning while learning" work opportunities to individuals challenged by disabilities and other barriers to employment. These services provide on-the-job experience that enables individuals to gain the skills, employment training, and supportive services they need to be successfully employed. VGS secures service and product contracts that enable private sector companies and public sector agencies to meet their operational needs while assisting VGS in furthering its philanthropic mission. Included in the various social enterprise ventures are contracts for the production of women's dress slacks for the US military, meals prepared and packaged for school students and adults in activity centers, as well as custodial services at the Carl B. Stokes U.S. Courthouse and Federal building and the Anthony J. Celebrezze Federal Building, among dozens of other sites. We also have sites specifically for manufacturing, packaging, office/clerical work and much more. 

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