Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program
Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program
Address: 530 W. Spring Street, Suite 275
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Tel: (614) 866-6900
Website: franklin.osu.edu/program-areas/efnep
Facebook: facebook.com/OSUExtension

Mission Statement:
Provide free nutrition education to low-income adults with children and for youth who qualify for free/reduced lunch. EFNEP is also available for non-English speakers.

Proporcionar educación nutricional gratis a adultos de bajos ingresos con niños y para jóvenes que califiquen para almuerzo gratis / reducido. EFNEP también está disponible para personas que no hablan inglés.

Description of Services: 

Food education
Food preparation education

Educación alimentaria 
Educación de preparación de alimentos

Organization Director/President/CEO: 

First Name: N/A
Last Name:

OLANet Main Contact:

First Name: Nora
Last Name: Hesse
Title: Program assistant 
Phone: (614)866-6900 ex. 233
E-mail: hesse.1@osu.edu