Ohio has been hard hit by the opioid crisis. Research shows that public awareness of the issue is high, but many Ohioans just don’t think it will impact them. Talk to your children about opioids and safely dispose of your prescription medications.

OCHLA has partnered with the Ohio Opioid Education Alliance to provide a number of tools and resources that you can use to educate Ohioans about the dangers of opioid addiction and the impact it’s having on communities throughout the state.

Alliance Resources

Destigmatize Your Discourse: Talk About Addiction

Youth Substance Abuse Warning Signs
Facts Behind the Opioid Crisis

Teen Substance Use Risk Factors

Taking Action in the Workplace

10 Tips for Talking to Your Kids About Pills

Talk to a Friend About Substance Misuse and Mental Health

Strengthening Friendship in the Age of COVID-19


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Disposing Leftover Pills

How to Get Rid of Unused Prescription Medications

Drug misuse often begins in the home medicine cabinet. That’s why it’s important to immediately dispose of leftover pills. The best way to safely dispose of unused medicine is to participate in a drug take-back program or purchase safe drug deactivation bags. For more information on how to purchase Deterra drug deactivation bags, visit https://deterrasystem.com/.

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●    Talking to your kids about opioids can reduce their risk of use by up to 50%. Follow @OhioOpioidEdu for tips on how to talk to your kids and protect the next generation. #DoneLiveinDenial

●    Two out of three teens who misuse opioids admit to getting them from the homes of friends or family members. By disposing of leftover pills, we can prevent the next generation from misusing prescription drugs. Visit DontLiveinDenial.org to learn more.

●    The stress of the COVID-19 pandemic could lead teens to misuse prescription drugs. It is important to educate them on the dangers of opioid misuse. Visit DontLiveinDenial.org to learn more.

●    Stress and worry related to the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in increased substance use and mental health issues. Talk to your kids about opioids and view our treatment options to find the resource that is right for your family. Visit DontLiveinDenial.org to learn more.

●     Prescription drug misuse often starts in the home medicine cabinet, that’s why it’s important to properly dispose of leftover medications. For information on how to safely get rid of leftover medicine, visit DontLiveinDenial.org.

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Dr. Elizabeth Harris of Ohio Psychological Association explains how we all can support the mental health of diverse youth right now.

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