Latino Community Reports


Each year the Latino Affairs Commission compiles reports on topics relating to Ohio’s Hispanic community.
Our reports are designed to educate and facilitate discussion on particular challenges and opportunities facing Hispanic Ohioans.

Whenever possible, Latino Community Reports include data specific to state legislator districts and counties.
For some Latino Community Reports, however, it isn’t possible to find and cite data at the county or district level. 
The Ohio Latino Affairs Commission endeavors to be a valuable resource to state government in understanding and serving the Hispanic community.

Please call Juan Jaimes at 614-728-8364 for further information and to help with outreach.


Food Insecurity: An Overview and the Impact Among Hispanic/ Latino Ohioans

Mental health, Suicidal Ideation, and Opioid Use Disorders among Hispanic and Latinos in Ohio (December 2018) + Handout
Priming the Pipeline: Promoting Equity in the Professional Trades (August 2018) + Handout

The State of Education for Latino Students in Ohio (December 2017)
An Overview of Health Care Access in Ohio's Hispanic Community (July 2017)

Alone at the Border: Unaccompanied Children in Ohio (September 2016)
Latino Elected Officials and the Evolving Latino Electorate in Ohio (May 2016)

Ohio Hispanic Business Owners: An Emerging Economic Force (July 2015)  **Click here to view the La Prensa article featuring this report 
Ohio's Changing Face: The Case for Culturally Responsive Institutions (December 2015)

Medical and Legal Language Access in Ohio (2014)

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) - Implications for Ohio (2013)
Ohio Hispanic Voting Trends (2013)

Housing Discrimination and Ohio Hispanics (2012)
Ohio's Migrant Seasonal Farm Workers (2012)

Ohio Hispanics in the 2010 Census (2011)

Economic Impact of Ohio Hispanics (2010)
Childhood Obesity Among Ohio Hispanics (2010)
Ohio Hispanics and Global Diversity (2010)