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Resources from the Office of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine

This page includes information and resources related to the Office of the Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and is for public use.

"By law, the Attorney General is the chief law officer for the state of Ohio. The Attorney General’s Office works to protect Ohio families from predatory financial practices through their enforcement authority in the areas of consumer protection, antitrust, charitable organizations, and health care fraud.

The Office offer services to protect the most vulnerable citizens among us, including children, the elderly, victims of crime and those who are preyed upon by greed in its many forms: unfair, illegal or shady business practices, criminal conduct and abuse of power and corruption. They have many programs to support veterans, active duty military, and their families."

Ayuda en Español
La oficina del procurador general de Ohio Mike DeWine tiene información disponible en español en su sitio web. Algunos recursos incluyen:

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Consumer Awareness

Note: Some videos available in Spanish   / /    Nota: Algunos videos están disponibles en Español

1.) Videos related to Consumer Protection Information:
National Consumer Protection Week Video Tip: Consumer Services
La Semana Nacional de Protección al Consumidor

2.) Videos related to Social Media and Passwords:
La Semana Nacional De Protección al Consumidor: Las Contraseñas
La Semana Nacional De Protección al Consumidor: Los Medias Sociales

To view more videos on Consumer Protection in Spanish, visit OCHLA's YouTube Channel.
 For other videos released by the Ohio Attorney General's Office,
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3.) Consumer Awareness Workshops:
The Office of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine offers Consumer Awareness Presentations to organizations/businesses across the State of Ohio. To request a presentation for your entity, complete and submit the form on their website.

Please note, the AG's Office requests that at least 20 participants be present for all presentations, with the exception of Supporting Ohio Small Businesses. Presentations will typically be scheduled during 9AM-5PM hours from Monday through Friday.

For other consumer services that the AG's Office provides, click here.

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Other Resources

HUMAN TRAFFICKING: For resources from the AG's Office on Human Trafficking, visit OCHLA's webpage.