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Latino H2A Workers and Their Importance for Ohio

Agricultural worker

COLUMBUS - The Ohio Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs (OCHLA) issued this month a Latino Community Report titled Latino H2A Workers and Their Importance for Ohio's Agricultural Industries.

OCHLA’s Latino Community Report series is a part of the Commission’s work to fulfill its statutory mandate to advise Ohio’s government on issues affecting the Hispanic/Latino community. In this Latino Community Report, we explore the importance of seasonal agricultural workers and how increasing numbers of farm operators are looking to the H-2A program, which provides temporary visas to workers from other countries to work in this industry.  The report provides an overview of who these guest workers are and how the experience life in Ohio, as well as the insights from farmers who employ this type of worker.

The Ohio Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs (OCHLA) serves as a liaison between government and the Hispanic/Latino community in Ohio and advises the Governor, General Assembly, and state government agencies on all matters affecting Hispanic/Latino Ohioans through the issuing of reports, proposing programs, commenting on legislation, conducting policy-related research, and growing statewide and regional networks.